About the Law Foundation


To achieve social justice in Silicon Valley and beyond through vigorous legal advocacy.


The Law Foundation advances the rights of under-represented individuals and families in our diverse community through legal services, strategic advocacy, and educational outreach.


In 1974, a forward-looking group of Santa Clara County Bar Association leaders recognized that the community needed to empower traditionally underrepresented individuals and groups to achieve their potential by protecting their human rights through multi-lingual advocacy, education, counseling, and free access to the legal system. To help make this dream a reality, they founded the Law Foundation. We have grown with the region, and today the Law Foundation provides free legal services to individuals and families through five programs: Fair Housing Law Project, Health Legal Services, Legal Advocates for Children & Youth, Mental Health Advocacy Project, and Public Interest Law Firm.

Silicon Valley is a region of contrasts. Known world-wide as a mecca for innovation and entrepreneurs, it is home to some of the most successful and respected names in technology, business and education, both public and private. This is one of the most educated regions of California, with roughly 50 percent of all whites and Asians possessing at least a bachelor’s degree. Delve beneath the surface, however, and you will learn that one in four families who reside in this region of 2.5 million people live below the poverty line. Housing costs in Silicon Valley compound the situation. At the start of 2013, the median rent in Santa Clara County was $2,000 and the median cost of a home was $660,000.

The individuals and families living below the poverty line represent the most vulnerable in our society: seniors, children, foster youth, and those living with chronic illness, mental health issues and developmental disabilities. Since 1974, the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley has worked to improve lives through highly effective legal services and advocacy work that have advanced justice and created opportunities for the most under-served individuals in our region.