Pro Bono, Volunteer and Internship Programs

Pro Bono Program

Each year, the Law Foundation receives many more requests for help than we can handle. As a result, the Law Foundation relies on pro bono attorneys to offer their dedication, time, and legal skills to advance justice and help myriad of those in need. Through the efforts of our pro bono attorneys, the Law Foundation is able to effectively leverage our resources and handle more cases than our staffing capacity ordinarily might allow.

Our Pro Bono Program works to ensure that pro bono partners have meaningful and interesting work and are provided adequate mentoring and assistance from our expert attorney staff. The Law Foundation's probrams provide training and seminars to attorneys willing to take on cases, pairing volunteers with an Law Foundation attorney, who facilitates the introduction to the client, and remains available to answer questions and offer guidance.  

The Law Foundation’s pro bono opportunities offer a variety of experiences that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, including direct client contact, practice in different legal venues and courts, discovery practice, and exposure to interesting legal topics.  Pro bono cases directly impact people’s lives in a meaningful and important way, where our client’s lives and health are constantly at stake.

Our clients have relied on the expertise and enthusiasm of pro bono attorneys to, for example, prevent their homelessness, ensure their financial stability, and protect them against physical harm and abuse.

In certain cases, law firms co-counsel in impactful litigation matters with the Law Foundation and, at times, other public interest co-counsel. Through the efforts of our private co-counsel, the Law Foundation is able to effectively leverage resources to handle significant and impactful litigation matters that we would otherwise not have the resources to accept. A sample of the some of these co-counseled cases can be found here.

The Law Foundation is grateful for our pro bono partners' dedication and commitment, and thanks them for their important contributions to our mission.

Volunteering and Interning

Non-attorney volunteers and interns make important contributiong to our client work and in supporting the organization's fundraising, event-planning, and administrative support needs. Learn more about volunteer and internship positions here.

Contact Us About Getting Involved

For more information about the Law Foundation's pro bono, volunteer and internship opportunities, review this list of opportunities and please contact our Pro Bono Manager, Allison Barnum by email or at (408) 280-2412.